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Posted on September 6, 2017

Would like to make others aware of invitation home rentals….

Waypoint We moved into our home in Saugus back in February. Prior to moving into our “soon to be new home” we were shown the property prior to the previous owner being fully moved out. We got to see the house in it’s raw form…. meaning dog pee stains on the carpet, prescription pills on the bathroom floor and penis’ drawn on doors… (literally)


Mind you, this is a beautiful home in Saugus. 3100 square feet and 3279 a month in rent. We were assured everything would be very well cleaned and taken care of prior to move in. We brought up the concern about the animal stains on the carpet. They said they would look into it and most likely replace the carpet. Fast forward 2 weeks later, we are doing our walk through and same carpet is still in place. Being told that they refused to replace any carpet.


We end up moving in…… house reeks of urine still after carpets have been cleaned. They had to come back and “clean carpets AGAIN”… they refused to replace carpet, which was only upstairs.


Then our garage door broke… they attempted to fix multiple times until they finally replaced the motor….


Thennnnnnn our brand new oven broke.. they took 3 MONTHS to fix our oven. They continuously sent the same poor guy to fix our oven, who told us over and over again, that he didn’t know what he was doing. Mind you, put in MULTIPLE CALLS AND EMAILS to property management and received ONE phone call back over that 3 month span.


By the time our oven was fixed they managed to destroy and warp the face of the oven. It’s all scratched up and warped to the point that the buttons don’t work properly. We put in a work order for that and were told in 2 seconds “oh I can’t fix that”  when the guy showed up. The same ones who destroyed it.


Fast forward to about a week later… we have family over for the Fourth of July… we notice SEWAGE coming up in our front yard. Full blown toilet paper and feces coming up…. took them about a week and a half to fix. They dig up our entire front yard and killed all our grass and left dirt all over our front steps. No respect whatsoever.


Then about 3 weeks later I’m doing the dishes and notice a ton of water leaking from the cabinet under the sink. Oh, look at that, another problem!!!! I call to report the leak. They are set to come out and fix the leak 6 days after reported….. the day before they come to fix the leak under the sink, we have a flood in our bottom bedroom. Massive water leaking into he room soaking the carpet and water leaking through the walls. We shut our water off and are without water unexpectedly for a whole day. That day the neighbors helped me turn the main water valve off, as my husband was at work. As I was talking to them I  found out that the city had paid for alllll the plumbing to be redone in the houses on the block due to tree roots growing through the pipes. It was a street wide lawsuit that was won. Unfortunately the previous owners of our home pocketed the money and didn’t have the plumbing redone.


So the maintenance company comes to fix the flood we have and tell us it isn’t the water line, but in fact the AC unit was leaking. They “fix” the ac line and before they leave they tell us to turn the ac on after 3-4 hours. Due to the ac unit having been overheated and frozen. 4.5 hours passes and we try to turn the ac on. Now our ac doesn’t work.


We call the company right away to report the issue. Going on a full day without water and now 2 days with any AC with 100 PLUS degree weather in Santa Clarita. Our thermostat is reading 86 DOWNSTAIRS, which is easily another 10 plus degrees upstairs where we all have to sleep. They had told us the day before that they would send ac relief units if the ac wasn’t working. When I called to request the ac relief units, i was told I would get a phone call within an hour to schedule the delivery. 2 hours later and NOTHING. I called back to let them know how unacceptable the lack of service was, how hot we were and to ask what he heck was going on? In response, I got “I’m sorry ma’am, the best we can do is send someone tomorrow”


So another hot night with no ac….. 🤦🏼‍♀️


In my opinion, it’s not fair that we are good tenants, taking very good care of this home, paying our very expensive rent on time, to be dealing with such bad management and MAJOR lack of communication. WITH ALL OF THIS THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON, We have never ONCE been reached out to my the management company for any kind of help or apologies or empathy.


I would NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE rent with this company again.


I truly hope some people read my post and highly reconsider renting from invitation homes. We are miserable and are STUCK in this hell hole!




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